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hi my name is sylvia patricia, and that means something like 'forestial nobility' which is kinda cool
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this is my main blog. if you get a message or privately answered ask you might know me better from one of my side blogs:

all illustration based media (a fancy way of saying anime and comics). MOSTLY homestuck and sailor moon holla~

all music i post goes here. but mostly pictures of snsd being cute, mainly kim hyoyeon wassup.

Let me know if I can ever help you with anything~ Have a nice day ♥


If you think about it Arizona is like skeleton hell lite because we have a lot of old people (skeletons) and the climate (hell)


person: what religion do you practice?

me: image

getting my sister this shirt for christmas is probably the most altruistic i will be in my life

"I love you sophia! i haven’t said that in a while, i feel like i should. i know you’re not super affectionate or anything. so, i love you!"

"haha yeah i know."


Banana Strawberry Ice Cream Cake - Made with 100% fruit…RECIPE



get the fuck out of here 




i have a 35 out of 70 in world history because my teacher failed to specify the time parameters for our research topic i’ve just read through the course content outline twice and the syllabus and my topic was 100% okay and now i have to start all over what the fuck i’m going to puke i hate this class and literally everybody i mentioned it to told me to drop it bc this teacher sucks so hard omy god i hate this. i hate this i hate myself why did i do this to myself this semester i coudl drop the class but it would fuck up literally everything i’ve been doing for the past few years oh my god. i can’t believe. i hate this. i hate me what the fuck

holy shit i just read her comments on my proposal again and she thinks cambodia is in africa what the fuck. what the fuck. this is a fucking joke you could literally wikipedia that lady ahaha i’m fucking going to fail this class bc this lady doesn’t know what the fuck she is talking about. this is so shitty. what the fuck.

OH WAIT AND THE BEST PART I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT is that she is coming with us on our trip to greece and rome in the spring as our ~resident expert~ she doesn’t even know the difference between asia and africa and i’m probably going to have to forgo my scholarship bc of her coool

… …… . .. . … . .… ……  she emailed me two hours ago “I am a member of the CHP advisory committee.  Professor Whitsett asked we introduce ourselves to CHP students in our class.  So, Howdy.

Write and let’s set up a phone or F2F meeting.”



two versions of f(x)’s Red Light ‘Sleepy Cats’ version

…can’t say she’s not thorough




Oh my god. 

wow lmao





i hate this


ok where in arizona is this bc i will drive there rn

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